Is change always inevitable?

Well the truth is, yes it is. So is growing up, and setting priorities, and dying. But other than dying, we have never been told how to achieve the others. At some point we just assume that we are grown up or mature enough for something.

A lot has changed, but for better or worse? Well, that’s a matter of perspective. I dislike change and I always seek to avoid it. Even getting my iMac glass replacement for the screen I broke has been change, it’s changed how I work, is changed how I have to deal with my day. You would never think the something as simple as that could change so much.

Change is a matter of perspective. For better or worse is entirely up to us.

When I was younger, I always read the newspapers and followed the news. I still do today. It’s amazing how the publisher’s priorities have changed. About 10 years back, we’d get a lot of news on the first page, everything important and having a direct impact on our lives. But well, change is inevitable and priorities change.

So now you see a big advertisement covering the entire front page, or at least half a page. A terrorist attack in Pakistan will be on the 11th page somewhere in the corner. Deaths in Syria will be reported in a little snippet smaller than the comics section. The migrant crisis will be covered in full as it affects Europe. A rape or molestation case is covered on the third or fourth page. By now you’re wondering what is on the front page.

Well, there will be some news on the financial markets, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. And then for some reason, news on which celebrity is marrying whom and who is having whose baby or two well known people engaging in a meaningless twitter battle. Then there will be the one advertisement promoting fairness cream or a watch or a perfume which you either already have or will never buy. If you’re lucky, some cricketer will pose for a hair growth advertisement promising to cure baldness.

Influential speakers say we, the young generation, are the future. I disagree, we are no longer the future.

The future is here. We are the present. And what’s past, is prologue.

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