How can my iMac be a hobby?

So what are your hobbies? Actually get asked this question a lot. But the odd thing is it’s not just other people you asked me that, I actually asked myself what my hobbies are quite often. Yes, apparently sometimes I have to ask myself question such as this just to figure out who I actually am.

During high school and college I had loads of hobbies, I was a swimmer and I also loved reading, football and, lots of other things. But I think I started to realize that hobbies like that were not going to make me any money. I think this is an obvious realization most people don’t give it a thought, they do hobbies because they like them and not because they’re going to make the money.

But I am different, and I want my hobbies to make you money.

After college, the only thing that seemed to matter to me was actually making lots of money. I really wanted my parents be proud of me and so I tried to show them that they had wasted all that time and money on the going getting a college education for nothing, so I stopped doing all the hobbies of the else did and that I previously enjoyed and I started making money instead.

I suppose my hobby is being on my iMac. And the tragedy is that today I managed to topple it over and smash it. I frantically been searching for a iMac 27 screen replacement serviceĀ (lm270wql sd f1 in case you care) and I happened upon this great Apple repair shop.

And as my hobby is my job, it’s really starting to stress me out. I’ve started to feel lost and broken, disconnected and lonely, all from having a broken Mac screen.

And that’s what is wrong with my life. It’s trying to find balance. But when I moved all of my hobbies away from being genuine hobbies and made them into things that I make money with, then it really has lost balance in my life for me. I wonder how any other people out there think they have hobbies, but what they really have is things that support earning money and not really relaxing them and being nice at all.

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