Day in the life of a screaming maniac

You simply would not believe in this day and age that something so mainstream and simple will be so difficult to get hold of.

You would think from that sentence that I’m talking about getting hold of weapons grade plutonium, or rocket fuel.

What I’m actually talking about is my smashed iMac screen. I’m looking to get the relevant iMac glass replacement screen I talked about earlier, and it’s proving a nightmare. Well, when I say nightmare, it’s mildly inconvenient, but for the purpose of this blog, let’s make it life trashingly awful.

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get this thing locally, and to get it delivered is going to cost a fortune. I’ve not really sure what to do about it and I’m actually wondering if I should just leave it. But when you spend so much money on an iMac, having a cracking the screen is ridiculous. It’s like having a Ferrari with a scratch on the bonnet.

And it’s the same with so many things in life, everything seems great at the start, but as soon as something goes wrong, lots of other things have to happen in the correct order for things get better.

On top of that, I’m stuck here doing lots of work and I’ve run out of basically everything in the apartment. This means I’m living on biscuits and water. I don’t even have any milk or bread. It’s a ridiculous situation and the shops are only a 10 minute walk away, but I have so much to do and I really don’t even fancy walking outside because I can’t be bothered to have a shower and get dressed.

On top of that, I meant to be going on a date night, and I really can’t be bothered. Yes it could be wonderful, yes it could change my life, yes it could make me. But the cynic in me is saying that it will be a meaningless single date when nothing will happen I would be bored to tears and I will go home alone again.

Yes that sounds awful, but unfortunately it’s the life that many of us lead today. Single living, basket to table, no savings, no particular hopes other than to get through the next month without running out of money. It really is tragic, but it appears to be the way that people at the top seem to want things. I’m guessing it’s because it makes is easy to deal with.

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